Fourth Down in Texas

"It's not just about football. It's about what our culture values."



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Is football too big to die? Longtime high school coach Gordon "Tuffy" Nehls always thought so, but now a wave of anti-football sentiment is threatening the staple of American culture. In "Fourth Down in Texas," Coach Nehls leads his players on one more magical ride as his school district considers eliminating the football program. Envisioning a dark future when entrepreneurs and street agents control high school football, Nehls defends the sport he loves while coming to grips with a changing world and living with the regret of a decision that altered a player's life forever.

What People Are Saying:

"Just finished your book. Enjoyed every page. Texas big part of my life and family. Your book does a great and balanced job exploring some very real issues. Having lived in Colorado for 11 years where there is no school football until 9th grade, I have experienced first hand the Driphus (Dufus) Coleman's in the sport. Football is best left to trained, certified coaches, with a governing body that ensures the game is played in the safest possible environment. What I got from the game and what my son is currently getting from the game are invaluable life lessons that outweigh the risks. Texas does it right. Great job Matt. A masterful work that is true to the high standards of your journalist profession. " 


"The ups and downs that coaches go through every day is spot on."


"It hooks you early and keeps you interested throughout."



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